Spencer Wormuth


Co-President of My Elite Physique, LLC Spencer Wormuth, has been involved in athletics, fitness, and personal training for over 10 years. He is an NGA/NPC bodybuilder/physique competitor and an ISCA certified personal trainer.

“As a personal trainer my ultimate goal is to teach my clients how to make life-style changes which will enable them to reach their personal goals, through individualized nutrition & workout plans. Not via “fad” diets and “cookie cutter” routines designed for the masses with no personalized details pertaining to the client’s needs.
It is very exciting to be a part of this process! Transforming lives & physiques through daily application and fitness is very rewarding!”


Tiffany Wormuth


Tiffany Wormuth, Co-President of My Elite Physique, LLC, began her love for bodybuilding and fitness in 1988 when she joined a gym that was run by IFBB pro and Mr. Universe John Hnatyschak. She was instantly in love with weight training, and fitness and was amazed at the transformations she witnessed. In 2010, tired of mediocre results she retained Erik Ledin of Lean Bodies Consulting. With Erik and his wife Amy Ledin's help she was able to complete her transformation into the fit person she always wanted to be. Today she and My Elite Physique continues to use all the LBC principles and knowledge she obtained from working with Erik and Amy as well as other mentors such as IFBB pro Curtis Bryant and countless others. She began her endeavor into making fitness not just a hobby, but a lifestyle.

Tiffany has been a Licensed Cosmetologist, makeup, and skin consultant for twenty plus years. After completing her medical degree as a Certified Physician's Assistant, she currently has been practicing in the field of Emergency Medicine since 2004. Her extensive knowledge and experience with Cosmetology, hair, makeup, and her knowledge of nutrition through her medical degree has allowed her to apply all this knowledge to her love of fitness and bodybuilding. She has competed in Figure and currently is pursuing her love of helping others to achieve their own personal fitness and physique goals. She is currently set to take her CISSN nutrition certification exam in the near future.